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dialog freight was founded in 1997 and is an independent leading provider of international and domestic freight transportation and logistics management solutions in Azerbaijan and the Caspian Region.

Our business model is simple:

  • experienced & motivated professionals;
  • a sound operational infrastructure;
  • personal approach;
  • the development of lasting partnerships.

Since entering the Azerbaijan marketplace dialogfreight has continued to offer their partners:

  • innovative products;
  • customised processes;
  • cost-effective solutions, and
  • a commitment to excellence.


We are committed to providing sustainable collaboration across many market sectors and disciplines in order to develop long-term partnerships resulting in market leadership for our customers.

We maintain a number of strategic and significant partnerships and alliances both regionally and internationally with like-minded professionals; ranging from global supply chain management, projects and international transportation solutions to traditional customs brokerage services. Our ability to partner with global operators enhances our in-country capability which ultimately provides added-value and benefit to our customers. Through these partnerships and alliances we have the ability to tap into an incredible 2,000+ offices across 130 countries across the globe and over many different market sectors. However, as an independent we always look to secure the best solution for our customers taking into account pricing, quality, health & safety and time sensitive issues.

This may, on occasions, mean that we go out to a number of our partners in order to secure the most attractive package depending on the customers’ requirements.

In addition, we place great emphasis on utilizing as many Azeri sub-contractors/carriers as possible, particularly trucking and air carriers. We can think of no better way to contribute to the local economy than to involve local content into our business model.

Proven Ability

We have a proven track record of our ability to successfully manage major accounts. Many of our client partners have been with us since the Company was set-up; testifying that our business model works, irrespective of the scale and sometimes complex environment in which we work.

Of course, client references are an indication of our capabilities. On the other hand they do not suggest that this is the limit of our abilities. Quite the opposite, our clients frequently challenge us with new demands. For us “demands” become opportunities.

No matter now “exciting” a Mission Statement may be, or using the latest “buzz-word” nothing can replace what is really important – that sometimes forgotten aim of Customer Satisfaction!

Our People

Whilst we don’t exactly have a staff of hundreds, we do have a highly motivated and experienced team of professionals. Working not only in collaboration with our clients, our people also maintain excellent relationships with carriers and partners, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments on equipment availability & routing and, just as importantly, staying in the loop with customs regulations.

An important feature of our philosophy is to empower Azeri nationals to take a full role in the management decision processes. Nobody knows a country better than the people who live and work in Azerbaijan. Both operational & management support is provided at Director Level. This allows the cascading of information to flow undiluted.

Products and Services

Working in collaboration with our partners we maximize the opportunities of the marketplace across all modes of international transportation. The combined knowledge and expertise to develop solutions to satisfy the individual needs of our customers is of paramount importance, ensuring a seamless operation, whether it’s for one-off shipments or a full turn-key project:

  • multi-modal domestic and international transportation;
  • supply chain strategy consultation;
  • order and inventory visibility and control;
  • materials handling;
  • import/export facilitation;
  • information technology solutions.

Total Logistics Management Services Include:

  • Transportation (International & Domestic Freight Forwarding via air, ocean and ground)
  • Import and Export Services
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