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Customs Services

Our experienced Team is well versed in customs regulations of Azerbaijan Republic.

As an intermediary between the shipper or consignee and the State Customs Committee of the Republic, dialogfreight extracts the relevant product and financial information pertaining to the shipment and presents this information with proper classification, value and duty assessment. Contra to popular misconception Azerbaijan utilizes internationally accepted harmonized commodity codes.

Many government approved projects, such as the oil & gas industry for example benefit from zero rated or exempt import tariffs. However, it should be noted that there are strict rules pertaining to exemption and prospective clients are strongly advised to contact us concerning advice on this subject.
Presently there is no on-line or registered brokerage automated declaration system in operation. However, subject to having all the correct documentation and authorizations in place, we can normally complete the clearance process within a short time after the cargo has arrived.

The following shipping documents will be required for all imports:

  • Master Bill (consigned to dialogfreight)
  • House Bill (consigned to actual consignee)
  • 2 x original Commercial Invoice (preferably with commodity codes
  • 2 x original Packing Lists
  • 1 x original Certificate of Origin

All documents should be completed in English or Russian.

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